So, in the spirit of all things National Chocolate Week, thought I'd share these cute (well, I thought they were cute) Brownie Bunnies...

Recently, Milo has been asking for flat chocolate cakies (translation-brownies), on a regular basis, but this time he wanted Bunnies!

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Most of you know I am keen as mustard to up sticks and move to the country. Into a gorgeous farmhouse with a BIG country kitchen. How will I know my dream kitchen? It will have room for both an island AND the family kitchen table. All other cosmetic features can be dealt with in my opinion... I have a re-occuring day dream in which I am making scones, peering out my kitchen window to a gorgeous country vista, my spunk of a husband is outside digging a hole sans shirt (you know, doing manly things), and my children are running around the lush, green, paddock with optional daisy chains on their heads...but for now, it's a dream.

pantry pick me up

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Some gals are suckers for pink everything...And whilst I am partial to pink, it's lavenders and lilacs that really hit the spot for me!

So I say, this Valentine's Day, buck the pedestrian pink and red trend and go for a lovely lavender hue...

Specifically...bake these Lovely Lavender Cupcakes!

lavender cupcakes

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Home-Made Oreo's

Dear Readers...I am still alive! I've not forgotten you and in actuality I've been baking my little heart out!

You could say I am rather a constipated blogger as I have so many blogs backed up! (boom-tish!)

Forgive me for being a little neglectful over the Christmas period and I'll take you to Oreo heaven!

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I heart hearts. Really, I do. Sometimes I wonder whether as a mum of two now, I should act my age and start getting into other, more "grown up" symbols. Maybe symbols that aren't splashed all over t-shirts at Supre?

Anyhoo, these cute as a button Heart Gingerbread Cookies embrace everything I heart about baking...

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